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Being aware of the many changes of the underwater environment and specifically meeting the needs for these changes. So whether you are an experienced or just going into the water with a camera for the first time, Nikon and Sea & Sea are there to offer you the system that will make photography easy and enjoyable, and you will find within a short time you will be amazed by your results.

Cameras in housing

You may of course already have a camera that would fit a custom built housing and there are numerous makes for different cameras. This can have an advantage over a view finder.

Reflex Cameras

A type of camera in as much that you are looking though your lens (Reflex), but a camera in a housing is that little bit more difficult to operate and generally speaking you want to try to keep things as simple as possible. For the more experienced photographers who is already into underwater photography, the range of housing is very comprehensible. It is a question of budget, but a sound investment. Housing for the Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax range are completely capable of handling all the fundamental controls which keep you completely in control with your camera underwater.

You are also going to need a strobe (flashgun) and there again several makes of these are available, pending on budget. If you decide on a housing and strobe system you will gain all the advantages of today’s technology: matrix metering, autofocus, rear curtain syn and all the other facilities that today’s cameras incorporate and of course the choice to choose manual operation if you wish.


The one other requirement that you will need is a domeport, which to explain in easy terms corrects your angle of view to your lens. In other words a 28mm lens on land loses a certain amount of angle when going under water which is caused by refraction. A domeport corrects this and brings it back to its original field of view. Once again there are many sizes of domeports to fit different sizes of lenses.


Taking on the commitment of modern day housing and domes is a considerable financial outlay, but the quality of the flexibility makes it a desirable investment. The quality of your photos is a question of commitment in the pursuit of excellence, you have at least invested in the correct optics, housing, strobes, domes or amphibious camera to make the possibility of turning your experiences underwater into reality on film.

“The pen cannot scribe nor the tongue utter the wonders of the sea”
– Christopher Columbus

The Sea & Sea Book on underwater photography is extremely informative and to get into taking better pictures. It covers the entire range of the Motor Marine and the Nikonos Systems which you can order by just giving me a call or attend my Workshop.

Nikonos Systems :: Sea & Sea :: Hasselblad Housings

Collectors amphibious cameras, flash units and housings for sale.

Nimrod 120 With Bulb Flash, Circa. 1965 250.00
Spirotechique Aqua Marine 35mm Complete with Case &Instructions, Circa. 1967 200.00
Eumie Vienette Super 8, Eugy Fot Housing, Circa. 1965 400.00
Fuji Single 8 & Housing, Circa. 1960 300.00
SOS Exposure Meter, Nikon Housing, Circa. 1968 200.00
Sekonic Meter L6 In Nikon Housing, Circa. 1960 150.00
Koroll Marine, Italian Housing, With Dedicated Camera Supplemantary Lens 1, 2, 3 Bulb or Electric Flash. Fish Eye Fullframe, Circa. 1979 500.00
Nikon Bulb Flash, Circa. 1965 200
Ricoh Hi-Col Capsule Housing, With Ricoh 35mm Camera, Circa. 1960 250.00

For photos of cameras available and a detailed price list visit Hiring Charges page at

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