Hasselblad Housings

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Hasselblad 500C/M


The SWC, 38mm, 3.8 Distagon Lens, Equivalent to a 20mm Lens with a 35mm camera, this system comes complete with a Zeiss corrector, for correcting refraction, this gives you a 20mm Lens underwater. 2 Strobes, Ikelite with a guide No. (80), with a value of (20), underwater, these are 2 beautiful, designed, Housings with 2 very compact Strobes, given a very soft light, keeping you completely in control, filling in your subject, with a very balanced even light, these fit on a tray, on the front of the housing, they are both manual Strobes, bearing in mind, with 6×6 system, you can synchronise with any shutter speed. A Ikelite amphibious, metre, gives a very quick reading for your ambient light, this is also fitted to the front of the housing, a Sea & Sea viewfinder (20 mm) matching the angle of your Lens, there is not a better system on the market if your looking to shoot on 6×6, its a well balanced system, easy to handle given a very sharp image, using 120 or 220 film a 70m back is also available.

500cm: Lenses: 80mm-50mm. The housing gives single Lens reflex viewing, so underwater you have complete control over your subject, all the accessories are also available for this system, again a well balanced easy to use housing, with finger tip controls, from close-up to medium wide angle Lenses, to finish I would like to add I use Fuji Vevia 50asa with all my systems. It handles all my subjects, and allows me to use F8 and F11 for open water shots, whilst, F16 and F22, for close-ups (macro). It’s quite surprising how much ambient light you have!

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