Escorted Holidays

Destinations: Egypt-Philippines-Maldives-Belize-Sipadan-Malta-Mallorca-Fiji-Tahiti.

The Workshops on escorted trips can give you a very comprehensive insight into the techniques of underwater photography. The prices vary on location and duration of the trip. I would say with experience that Egypt is the ideal location for 7 nights staying at the Naama Bay Hotel and diving around the local reefs are still some of the best diving in the world: easy diving, 5 hours flight, great weather, 5 star hotel, 5 minutes to dive boat, diving with very experienced crew and dive masters.

Price: Inclusive – £700.00


Other locations: Fiji – 14 days staying on the beautiful Island of Matava, first class diving, bungalow accommodation (straw), abundance of marine life and of course a paradise of a location: crystal clear water, blue sky’s sandy beaches, blazing sunshine, and of course amazing diving.

Price: Inclusive-about – £2000.00

What do you get for you money: Egypt -: 5 days diving (2 dives a day), lunch, a trip to the “Thistlegorm” — “Rass Muamed”, tuition during the dives (pre.dive), 2 rolls of Fuji Velvia 50 asa transparent film. In the evening 7pm – 8pm slides and a talk on our days diving and questions on improving our photography. And then a few beers to enjoy the rest of the evening, Sharm El Sheikh is a great town with plenty of restaurants and bars! But remember we are up at 7am sharp, for a really great breakfast, ready to be on the boat for 8am.

On all trips equipment will be available for hire 50% less then on normal hiring, all Sea & Sea cameras , lenses, macro, strobes, are a very comprehensive systems and are totally reliable and easy to use and will produce excellent results. Would recommend the Sea & Sea book on underwater photography. Please phone or em for your copy (Price: £20.00).

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