Assisted Hiring & Consultancy

We provide a consultancy service, which can be available for a morning, afternoon or an entire day, the bookings are flexible to suit your needs.

We supply you with all the technical knowledge, equipment that I have gained over the last 35 years.

It will provide you with the freedom, that is needed to photograph the shoot. Without the need to worry about setting up the technical aspects of underwater photography. The principal aspects of photography are the same, however they’re slightly different when water is added.

The other advantage of this service: there is no more additional outlay regarding hiring charges, insurance or deposit is required as this is covered by us. Providing that I accompany and assist you on the shoot.


Morning, 4 hours booking, £300.00 plus traveling cost

Full day, 8 hours booking, £500.00 inclusive

Consultancy only:
Arranging a suitable time for yourselves to visit our premises and discussing the necessary system available for the required shot. £25.00 per hour (refundable pending on hiring)

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